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T&G Builders: Frequently Asked Questions

What are current construction costs?
This question cannot be answered until many other questions are answered such as: What are your hook up / permit fees? What is the size of the home? How complex is the design? What are the site conditions (cleared, wooded, level, sloped)? What are the interior & exterior specifications? What materials are to be used?


What do I need to start the building process?
When dealing with T&G you only need an idea of what type of home you want and some time to start the process. A survey of your lot is needed once we start bidding. Even if you currently do not own a lot we can help you. T&G has employees on staff who are licensed real estate agents that can help you select the perfect lot based on what design and size of the home you are after.


What type of warranty does T&G offer?
We offer the standard 1 year warranty with the option of buying and extended warranty at the current rate of $4.70 for every thousand dollars spent on your home thru RWC program. This information can be provided upon request or viewed on line at In building 300 homes over the past 15 years, T&G has had less than 1% of clients decide on the extended warranty, unless required by lenders, once they saw the quality construction & materials exhibited throughout their home.


How do I obtain plans?
There are a few options to you on how to get plans. Every option has a different cost associated with it. One option is to hire a draftsman / architect to design your home from ground up with county requirements. Option two is to buy plans from a book, which is not recommended for the reason that many changes need to be made during construction and also after permit review. Option three is to work with a builder that has an in house design team that can not only help you design the home but construct the design they helped create. T&G offers this service and at a no risk opportunity. For more info on this program please contact us at


What is your draw schedule?
We have two draw schedules based on the amount of construction. The draws would either be 8 payments for a home under $500,000 and 13 payments for over $500,000. There is an initial deposit of 4.0% of the sales price.


What are your standard specifications?
We are a custom design / build builder. If no specs are provided to us prior to pricing we would revert to our standards as seen here.


Will my plan fit on a lot?
Believe it or not people have brought in designs or plan ideas that would not fit on the lot they purchased. It is highly recommended and necessary to get a lot survey done showing all setbacks and existing grades. This will allow us to have an accurate bid. This can be part of the process in working on design with your builder or something that you may decide to do on your own.


What are change orders & how do they work during construction?
Change orders are a request for a change to the original plans & specifications whether it be structural or material after signing of the contract . Fee for change orders can be either no charge, a charge, a charge for the cost of the change or even a credit for work not done. In dealing with T&G a change order will never cost you more than it would if you had originally included the change in the original contract. T&G uses allowances for your selections which is a benefit to the customer because if you go over the allowed amount, you just pay the vender direct and if you are under, you receive a credit back. No administration fee for change orders are applied either. It is required that all change orders be accepted or declined in a timely manner to keep progress of the job moving. If no decision is made prior to deadline we will then use the original selection.


How long does it take to build a home?
We cannot answer that question until we know community / town restrictions on working hours, the size and location of the home. Also the detail of work and availability of materials & labor play a factor. Finally, the weather is very unpredictable. Upon signing of contract after viewing all conditions we will give you a timeframe to complete your home defined as working days.


What are some unique qualities of your company?

   1.   T&G is one of the few remaining builders that do conventional framing.

   2.   T&G is an "Energy Star" builder.

   3.   T&G builds our homes on solid block walls over a continuous footer.

   4.   T&G has an in house design team to help design your home from ground up.

   5.   T&G is locally owned and operated.


What is expected of the owner during construction?
It is of the utmost importance that the owner makes all required selections in a timely manner during construction to keep the job moving. It is also expected of the owner to pay the draw requests when called for.


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